Plastic Free July

Here in the United States we are lucky enough to have unrestricted access to the internet (for the time being…) which means we can engage in global movements regardless of our seemingly isolated localities. Right now our government is in disarray and while I recognize that the environment is a priority of mine, I can’t help but notice we have bigger fish(-faced man babies) to fry.

A HUGE Shout Out to all the local and community groups out there fighting the good fight, you are needed now more than ever and we are forever grateful for your sacrifices!

One such community group is Plastic Free July. What started as a small group of citizens pledging to quit single-use plastics for a month in Perth, Australia has grown to include over 2 million people from over 159 countries! These pledges span from refusing single-use plastics like straws and bags, to quitting plastics all together. This group provides resources and support to people who have made the pledge through a frequent newsletter. The group encourages you to post pictures, tag them and include your friends on your plastic-free journey. They even provide literature and guidelines for people who are looking to host a community event!

So many people have reached out to me expressing their interest in a zero waste lifestyle and I am humbled by the number of people who ask “what can I do next?” Well, here’s my answer:

1. Join the Movement!

2. Talk about it with everyone and anyone

3. Ask friends and family to join with you

4. And if you only take one picture this summer, take a picture of progress and tag @plasticfreejuly #plasticfreejuly and #ChoosetoRefuse

Plastic Free July - Say No to Single Use Plastic 300ppi

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