UPCYCLE: Creative Reuse Center


Located inside the Durant Rec Center

This place is heaven on earth. Teachers. I may not be able to provide you the yearly salary you deserve or one that will afford you basic supplies like… pencils. BUT I can point you in the direction of this lovely reuse store. UPCYCLE is located in Old Town Alexandria and gives patrons access to a myriad of art supplies and gadgets that would have otherwise collected dust in a drawer or been thrown away. They are partners with ReUse Alexandria, a group that “unites Alexandria’s reuse community and markets Alexandria as a desirable destination for environmentally conscious visitors and residents.” Heck yeah they do!



UPCYCLE: the goods

  • fabric, yarn, sewing trinkets, needles, thread, bobbins, beads, zippers etc.
  • lined paper, construction paper, resume paper, poster board, newspaper, tissue paper, gift wrap, tape, glue, magnets, buttons, etc.
  • craft supplies, scrapbook supplies, plastic bins and containers, cork, bottle caps… the list goes on!

**To donate or learn specifics on what they may have at the shop today, follow this link**

UPCYCLE: the community

  • upcycle3
    Just one example of the many camps offered this summer

    Summer Camp! Three unique camps are being held at various times throughout the 2018 summer. If you have a child that loves to make a mess and get their hands on everything, then they’ll love the Fun With Junk summer camps! Does your kid like to build and unearth? They’ll love the opportunity to get up and close with Art in Motion. Or maybe you have a creative “outside the lines” kind of thinker, then they will love Thinking Outside the Box (of Crayons!). Providing young children with the opportunity to get hands on with their creativity and problem solving skills is the key to our next generation of practical engineers!

  • Adult Art Classes! These art classes are taught by local artisans and provide students with new artistic techniques to add to their skill set. The classes range from beginner to more advanced but everyone is encouraged to partake regardless of skill level because the idea is to get creative! I’m especially interested in the Pieces Parts Necklace Workshop, we get to use broken jewelry and trinkets from UPCYCLE’s reuse collection to make a brand new masterpiece!
  • Calling All Teachers! Visit UPCYCLE with your class, group or team to learn about UpCycling and why we should “Choose to Reuse” before buying new. Use creative energy to transform items destined for the waste stream into art!
  • Supporting Public Schools! UPCYCLE’s creative reuse programs have partnered with Alexandria City Public Schools to provide students with materials and activities that promote creative creation. The funding for such programs is thanks to groups like Covanta Energy, Rotary Club of Alexandria, Virginia Commission for the Arts, and Hooray for Books!
UpCycle Co-Founders Kelley Organek and Susan Miranda

Thank you Kelley Organek and Susan Miranda for inspiring an entire city to Choose to Reuse!!!!!

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