Caution: Hot Surface

Have you seen the news? You can read it here, here, here or the actual report: here. The Earth is getting hotter, much hotter. I think what stands out rather glaringly when I read these articles is that we need institutional, technological and political change, and we need it 30 years ago.

But you’re not here to lament. We’re all here to fight for answers and solutions. I will sing my usual battle cry: “bring your reusable bags today!!!” But I can’t help but feel that my song could be louder and more pointed. So today, I want to talk about policy reform.

The United States has fallen behind in the fight against climate change, exponentially so since Donald Trump found himself in the Oval Office. And as an American, we cannot rely on the White House to change policy, nor can we ride on the shoulders of other countries working to protect the environment. We must turn our sights to our local governments. We must head to the polls this November with Mother Nature in our hearts and determination in our eyes.

Millennials make up 29% of the adult population in the United States and have the potential to sway 10 House elections this November.

To find your state’s voter registration deadline, visit

How do your representatives align when it comes to the fight against climate change?

In my home state of Virginia, I will be supporting Tim Kaine, Don Beyer, Jennifer Wexton, and Gerry Connolly.

Tim Kaine on Climate Change:

I personally do not feel like Tim Kaine has been a champion for environmental advocates. He has supported oil drilling and the consumption of natural gasses. I will be curious to see what public statements he makes after reviewing the report from the IPCC. However, overall he has backed legislation that aligns with my environmental agenda.

Kaine has a 95% rating from the League of Conservation Voters and has voted in favor of environmental protections consistently since 2016.

Don Beyer on Climate Change:

One time I met Don Beyer’s brother-in-law when I was canvassing to get fracking banned in Maryland, we won the battle and his BIL seems to think he’s a stand up guy. Don  Beyer presented legislation to the House earlier in 2018 that recognizes the threat climate change presents and would put a tax on carbon emissions. Not my favorite solution but a step in the right direction. Again, I would be curious to read or hear his public statement once he has had a chance to review the IPCC report.

Beyer has a 100% rating from the League of Conservation Voters and has voted in favor of environmental protections consistently since 2015.

Jennifer Wexton on Climate Change:

Jennifer Wexton is running against incumbent Barbara Comstock (who has received a score of 9% from the League of Conservation Voters) for a seat in Congress. Wexton has received multiple awards from the Sierra Club and has secured an endorsement from the League of Conservation Voters. In my opinion, Comstock has been a woefully disappointing advocate in regards to many things, but primarily in regards to her stance on climate change. We need her voice OUT of Congress.

Gerry Connolly on Climate Change:

I went to high school with Gerry Connolly’s daughter and live in their neighborhood, and I can say that they are both awesome people who just happen to view environmental policy in the same light that I do.

Gerry Connolly is an environmental champion. He has a 100% rating from the League of Conservation Voters and has voted in favor of environmental protections consistently since 2011.



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