Zero Waste- Cleaning Swaps

These are general cleaning alternatives to single use items or items in plastic containers that ultimately end up in our landfills. I haven’t made all of these swaps yet but I’m working towards it! Every bit helps! When in doubt, make as many of your cleaning supplies as possible. Just because you buy something in glass or cardboard doesn’t mean you aren’t producing waste. Those things end up in our recycling system and produce waste in the process. DIY is always the best option if time allows, otherwise, check out these nifty cleaning swaps!


Microfiber Cloths

DIY Wet Swiffer Pads

The Flannel Pad Option


This guy loves making brooms out of natural materials

Grass and Bamboo Broom


DIY Window Cleaner


DIY Multi Prupose


3 DIY Recipes


Wash Rags– no seriously, just use a rag…

Jute Compostable Sponge

DIY Cotton Sponge

These Bamboo Alternatives

Pot Scrubbers

These same bamboo alternatives…

Dish Washing Brush

Paper Towels

Wash Rags– no seriously, just use a rag…

This Fancy Etsy Alternative

Pet Stain Remover


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