Does it bring you joy? Marie Kondo and the “throw away society”

Hello fellow eco alterers!

I am very excited about this new show on Netflix, Marie Kondo: Tidying Up. After watching the first episode, I couldn’t help but notice that the series didn’t address one of the biggest issues that zero wasters have with tidying up and why we find it so difficult: where do all of our discarded items go? How can we prevent them from going to waste? And how can I be a responsible steward to items that no longer bring me joy?

So I decided to write a guide to accompany her Netflix series. Over the next couple of weeks I will share these tips in coordination with her episode titles. Tune in to the blog to catch my zero waste alternatives for a few of her organizational solutions! For now, I’ll leave you with my first takeaway from the show:

Lesson #1

Don’t buy things that won’t bring you prolonged joy. In other words: stop buying useless junk and ask your friends and family to refrain from buying you trinkets and knickknacks. But more importantly- explain why and make sure to practice patience and empathy. These changes are hard for you but they can be hard for the people who love you too. Changing the way we express love and thoughtfulness takes time!


8 Comments on “Does it bring you joy? Marie Kondo and the “throw away society”

  1. This is so true! I have recently seen a view documentaries about the fact that a lot of donated clothes actually end up in trash in faraway countries. Time to buy less, buy good quality and stop shopping as entertainment.

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  2. I had that issue with the book when I first read it. I changed “toss” in my mind to “donate”, although I did sell a lot discarded items on Facebook Marketplace for small amounts of cash to make sure the person claiming them was going to value them. Don’t forget about Freecycle and Buy Nothing groups too! It is a great time for thrifting though! Our local shop had an even better selection of toddler clothes and shoes than usual this week… I’ve heard thrift shops are being overrun. Maybe I will finally find the hand weights and large French press I’ve been searching for!

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  3. This is what I thought too! The people on the programme seem to gather a lot of belongings and I think that we are happier when we have less clutter but all I could think about was all the stuff that was being thrown out. Where did it end up?

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  4. Last Christmas a friend of mine asked everyone to not buy her gifts for Christmas for this very reason.

    She said she found much more joy in giving than receiving, and that the best part of Christmas Day itself was being with her family for the Christmas dinner.

    There’s so much that we could get lots more use out of in today’s throwaway culture

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