Month: March 2019

5 podcasts to inspire sustainable lifestyles

1.The Minimalists Live a more meaningful life with less. Enjoywhere to watch: Apple Podcasts – Google Podcasts – Spotify – Stitcher 2.Costing the Earth This podcast by BBC Radio 4 is about human’s effect on the environment and how the environment reacts. The hosts…

a quick guide to bulk shopping

So you want to shop more sustainably, good for you! I’m going to make this brief because contrary to popular belief- shopping in bulk is simple and exceptionally easy to integrate into your lifestyle. Check it out: before you go 1. Write your shopping…

The Art and Power of Expression

Our impact on the environment boils down to one thing: human behavior. I try my best to buy from socially and environmentally responsible vendors. I go out of my way to support companies that empower women and minorities. I even continue to support companies…

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