a quick guide to bulk shopping

So you want to shop more sustainably, good for you! I’m going to make this brief because contrary to popular belief- shopping in bulk is simple and exceptionally easy to integrate into your lifestyle.

Check it out:

before you go

1. Write your shopping list down. Identify items that can be purchased in the bulk food aisle of your store. If you aren’t sure, call them and check.

2. Locate tupperware, reusable containers, cloth bags for produce/nuts/rice, etc. Make sure you have the proper number of containers for the number of bulk items on your list. Also ensure that all the lids fit and the tupperware is clean!!! One of the biggest complaints or roadblocks for most people when it comes to bulk shopping is sanitation, so please help us show how clean bulk shopping can be!

Tip: Opt for plastic reusable containers- they aren’t as heavy as glass and are less likely to break in transit. You can always transfer items to more attractive containers when you get back home.

at the store

3. Bring your containers to customer service, ask them if they can weigh them for you or if there is another place in the store that can help you. Even weigh your cloth bags- these things can add up!

4. Once your containers are weighed, you can head to the bulk food aisle and start filling them up. I typically do my dry items first and my liquid items second because they are more difficult.

5. Most places will have you write the item# on a small sticker that you put on your container, in which case you will bring your items to the checkout line when you’re done shopping and they will weigh your bulk items. Other stores may be farther along and allow you to weigh your item right there in the aisle.

back at home

6. Transfer items from their plastic containers to their shelf storage container. Doing this frees up your plastic container to be used again to shop in bulk if needed.

7. Clean your plastic bulk containers and get them ready for the next shopping trip!

Tip: You can use a permanent marker or a permanent label to keep the weight on your container for future use!

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