5 podcasts to inspire sustainable lifestyles

1.The Minimalists

Live a more meaningful life with less. Enjoy
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2.Costing the Earth

This podcast by BBC Radio 4 is about human’s effect on the environment and how the environment reacts. The hosts go to great lengths to question accepted truths and challenge our current ways of thinking. The episodes follow activist groups and scientists as they challenge world leaders and policy makers. If you’re looking for accurate and in-depth reporting of the progress being made to protect our planet, then this podcast is for you!
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3.Conscious Chatter

Embrace your style without sacrificing your values. This podcast engages designers, consumers, secondhand fashionistas and crafty upcycle gurus all in one space. If you’re looking to buy more ethically and responsibly then this pod is for you. Say goodbye to “fast fashion” and get ready for the new age of conscious consumerism.
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4.Spirit of 608

Entrepreneurs, creatives, and activists unite! This podcast tells the stories of real women who found success in sustainable and ethical businesses. Some of these women scaled their companies from the ground up, and others helped their companies turn a surprising profit as they transitioned to more sustainable business practices. If you’ve ever felt like your ideas didn’t fit into the current PR model, this podcast is for you!
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5.Future Perfect

Host, Vox’s Dylan Matthews explores provocative and innovative ideas with the potential to radically improve the world. The 20 minute episodes focus on issues ranging from practical prison reformations to effectively removing the black-footed ferret from the endangered species list. Matthews takes complex issues and lays them out before his audience in a way that is accessible and seemingly attainable.
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and a few to keep you up to date on environmental policy and news…

Living on Earth: In partnership with NPR, Living on Earth provides up to date news and information on the world’s changing environment, ecology, and human health.

Sustainababble: A weekly podcast about the environment, for and by the confused. Hosts Ol and Dave sift through the most egregious eco-guff out there to get a little bit closer to enlightenment. They may fail but the comedic reprieve is much appreciated!

Sustainable World Radio: News and commentary covering ecology, Permaculture, organic gardening, sustainability, natural building, regenerative farming and ethnobotany. They interview experts from around the globe; teachers, designers, environmentalists and earth activists who learn from and work with Nature.

3 Comments on “5 podcasts to inspire sustainable lifestyles

  1. Sustainababble is my absolute favorite! When I listen at work I end up laughing hysterically at my desk though. I also really love Colleen Patrick-Goudreau’s Food For Thought which is focused on veganism, but has a new running series about going zero waste. Also she has many, many episodes talking about the environmental impact of animal agriculture.


      • Their episodes tend to focus on the news of the day or stem from it at least so I generally want to listen to whatever the most recent. They did an episode recently called Hygiene which I could not stop giggling over (but of course that’s the case with bathroom discussions). I’m not a fan of their interviews- their guests tend to be more serious and detract from their banter.

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