happy blog-iversary to me!

One year ago today I started writing about bamboo toothbrushes. No one really asked me to and I’m not entirely sure what prompted me to go down that very specific rabbit hole-but I’m sure glad I did.

It’s been one year and I’ve covered topics like…

I’ve learned that zero waste is less about product purchasing habits and much much more about human behavior. I’ve learned that simply being willing to have the conversation is half of the battle. But above all, I’ve learned that individual actions and individual voices are the foundation on which movements are built.

To the three people who have followed me since day one, thank you from the bottom of my heart for sticking with me as I figure this whole blogging thing out.

To my friends and family who listened to my ramblings and adopted sustainable practices for themselves, thank you for believing in me and for letting me share your stories and experiences.

And to everyone who has chosen to follow me since May 9, 2018- THANK YOU!!! Whenever I have a tough day where I’d rather get Chikfila than put in the effort to pack my own lunch- you all remind me that it’s worth it.

Here’s to many more years of sharing our voices!!!



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