New Altered Eco Writer!


Hello Altered Eco-ers! I am excited to introduce myself as a new writer here on the blog (thanks for having me, Regan!). My name is Madeline I’m a vegan long-distance runner with a passion for bubbly white wine, tortilla chips, and all things inspiring a hope-filled positive future for our planet. My professional background is in environmental communications. I work to organize civic engagement for environmental legislation- we educate the general public on local environmental health issues and give them the tools to take action (sign petitions, write to their representatives, etc.) Regan and I met working together on a campaign to block rollbacks to the federal EPA and she has served an incredible friend and inspiration to me ever since.

I spend a lot of my workday talking about solutions to environmental problems, encouraging people to be involved so that their actions reflect their values and align with the things they deem on paper as “important”. In the past year, I have become increasingly aware that in my own life there are gaping holes between the potential I have to carry out a low impact lifestyle and my actual daily behavior. Going zero waste and collecting my trash for the month of June was the start of my ongoing effort to reduce my impact and bring sustainable practices into as many different facets of my life as possible. As I continue to learn and tackle new challenges, I’m excited to share my experiences and the thoughts I have along the way. I am hoping this opportunity will connect me with other people who are making similar efforts, so please reach out, share, question- and thank you in advance for all of it!

MadelineImage result for leaf footprint

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