Tidying Up with Your Conscience: Books

The 4 R’s of sustainable living: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


Step #1: someone standing on the corner handing out free books? You probably don’t need it. Books are tough for a lot of people because they are tangible sources of knowledge, creativity and wonder. Most of us can remember where we were when we read a particular book so we assign it sentimental meaning. Next time you find yourself itching to buy that new book, check if your local library has a copy. This will get you in the habit of not holding on to stories you are no longer reading.


This is the part that Marie Kondo has helped you with and the inspiration for this series of blog posts!


Books are made out of paper, so this section essentially challenges you to get creative with…..paper. I’ve included one of my favorite ways to upcycle books below, but if you’re interested in all the ways you can creatively re-imagine your novels, follow this link!

Book Letter

these make great gifts or decorations for special events!


  • Donate to your local Library
  • Locate a “Little Free Library” in your area and share some of your favorites. Don’t have one in your area? Start your own- it’s very simple!
  • BetterWorldBooks
    • Find a donation center near you or mail your donation to them, note that most drop-off bins are located on the eastern half of the United States
  • Textbooks
    • textbooks are published so frequently that there is hardly ever a market for one you’ve used for only a year. So you have 2 choices; sell or recycle
    • SELL: BookScouter, BookByte, Decluttr, Cash4Books, BooksRun, BookFinder, & TextbookRush
    • RECYCLE: Donate to BetterWorldBooks, they do not have the same restrictions as second-hand book stores or Libraries

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