Starting From Zero

There is zero shame here! If you’re reading this then you have already taken the hardest and most important step. From here on out, you will have a community to support you and tell you that “yes, it was kinda funky the first time I tried a bamboo toothbrush. And I did think it might give me splinters.” You are NOT CRAZY. You certainly are not the first person to buy a reusable grocery bag only to leave it at home and struggle to choose between buying another reusable bag, using a plastic one (don’t…), or, like my partner says, “the best way to learn a lesson is the hard way” and carry all of your groceries in your arms defiantly as you strut down the street- a true warrior for our planet. You will falter on this journey and like good friends and family, we will be here to pick you up or like my family, laugh at you for bringing tupperware to a restaurant so they don’t put your leftovers in styrofoam, only to be told that it’s against their health code policy. Like my good ol’ friends at Olive Garden like to say, “when you’re here, you’re family” and that’s exactly what we are. All of us, even your friend who buys coffee everyday and has never thought to use a reusable travel mug, even that uncle who insists on having two straws with every drink because it “makes him look like a walrus”, and even your neighbor who can’t seem bothered enough by the unsightly compost bin in your backyard. They are all family and they all piss you off sometimes, but I urge you to hop off your high horse and remember that the most effective way to create change is to find common ground with the people you understand the least. Read More


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