Zero Waste Market- Alexandria

pexels-photo-165228.jpegZero Waste Retail and Reuse Center


Alexandria is a town dripping in historical intrigue. The city has poured resource after resource into maintaining and preserving the historical background of the town and ultimately, the country. For a city so enamored with its past, it’s time to start investing in our future by thinking about the history we will create.

By providing and promoting zero-waste materials to the City of Alexandria we will be greatly decreasing the amount of plastics and food waste going into our landfills every year. Alexandria has always been a cultural, environmental and artistic hub in the greater DC area. The demand for a zero-waste lifestyle already exists in Alexandria. All residents need is a local distributor and community outreach representative. This zero-waste retailer would provide valuable insights and innovative solutions to our consumer-based economy, as well as the tools necessary to achieve a sustainable lifestyle.


To provide tools and personal support to community members interested in a zero-waste, zero-plastic, and zero-footprint lifestyle.

Zero Waste Benefits Our Economy

Reducing and reusing materials create even more jobs in rental and sharing businesses (e.g. car-sharing, tool rental), repair and tailoring, and reuse businesses. Local money is spent on local jobs and stays within the community instead of leaving the community to buy imported products.

Zero Waste Benefits Our Community

Zero waste promotes social equity and builds community. A zero waste approach can build community capacity, support marginalized communities and protect community health.

Community-based zero waste strategies like composting at a community garden, tool sharing and skills sharing to reuse and repair, build capacity to reduce waste and costs.

A zero waste strategy needs to ensure everyone has access to tools to reduce, reuse and recycle waste where they live, work and play. This allows everyone to participate in protecting our environment.

A zero waste approach also protects the health of communities by reducing pollution in the air, water and soil by keeping toxics and waste out of landfills and incinerators.

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