month one: tackling food waste

  • conduct an at-home waste audit
  • learn to shop locally and in bulk (&beyond)
  • reality check: composting 101

month two: greening up the bathroom

  • address the shower
  • now the sink & toilet
  • make up: what you (don’t) need

month three: to clean or not too clean?

  • cleaning supplies: what do you actually use?
  • everyday cleaning swaps
  • heavy-duty cleaning swaps
  • use what you have, then upcycle!

month four: office (green) space

  • workplace waste audit
  • co-working co-hesively
  • workplace challenge

month five: zw irl

  •  how are you actually doing?
  • zero waste social faux-pas
  • create your zero waste kit

month six: choose mindfulness

  • the buy nothing month
  • minimalism, what is it?
  • donating responsibly

month seven: growing in more ways than one

  • assess your garden space
  • low waste gardening for beginners
  • black thumb: sos

month eight: zero waste on the go

  • planning for “free spirits”
  • it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s… carbon offsets!
  • my zero waste travel kit

month nine: grow the zero waste community

  • find a zero waste community near you
  • create your own zero waste group
  • host an event or attend one

month ten: sustainable fashion

  • closet clutter clean out
  • repair revolution
  • secondhand ftw
  • capitalism & consumerism

month eleven: federal policy & climate change

  • call them, leave a voicemail, then call them again
  • current state of recycling affairs
  • vote with your dollar, when that doesn’t work, vote with your voice

month twelve: gift giving and other socially normative rituals

  • how to ask for nothing & what to ask for instead
  • giving wrapping paper
  • celebrate & reassess
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